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Protinex – Your Best and Only Source of Healthy Protein, Especially Hydrolysed Proteins

Protinex is undoubtedly one of the most favored brands in India as a protein supplement. It is the best product to cover the protein needs of your body. The protein-rich supplement has become the go-to product for many Indian fitness enthusiasts and individuals shifting towards a healthy lifestyle. With Protinex, there’s no need to look for meat or egg alternatives in the vegetarian section.

The fantastic thing about Protinex is the fact that it offers hydrolysed proteins instead of intact proteins. Protinex is the only brand in India that offers hydrolysed proteins. In a recent Bloggers Meet at Lucknow hosted by Protinex, I was educated about many facts related to our body needs and the most of my protein specific myths were busted too.

Nutritionist and Health writer Kavita Devgan informed at the event that our body requires 1gm protein per 1 kg weight. Our body doesn’t get the daily protein requirement even after consuming protein-rich diets such as fish, pulses, or chicken. On the contrary, the more protein-rich diet you consume in your daily diet, you are also taking as many fats. All the protein-rich foods contain fats, and unless you are an extreme fitness enthusiast, there’s no way you will burn those extra fats.

Protein Calculator by ProtinexHere’s where Protinex comes to play. You can get protein directly via this supplement, and the best thing is that Protinex offers hydrolysed proteins. Compared to intact proteins, hydrolysed proteins are quickly absorbed by the intestine as it doesn’t require splitting into fragments as intact proteins do.

Dr. Nandan Joshi, the Head of Nutrition Science and Medical Affairs, Danone India also broke few myths related to protein. Referring to the IMRB survey report, Dr. Nandan Joshi informed that almost 73% of Indians think that green leafy vegetables are a good source of protein, whereas 30% believe an egg is enough for the daily protein requirement.

Thanks to the Protinex event in Lucknow, we also understood the importance of hydrolysed proteins and why it is more helpful and healthier than the intact proteins we consume normally.

Health Benefits of Hydrolysed Proteins over Intact Proteins

Hydrolysed proteins are excellent compared to intact proteins as the body gets the required amount of proteins without much effort. Here are some of the fantastic health benefits of hydrolysed proteins over intact proteins:

  • As the hydrolysed proteins get absorbed faster by the intestine, the amino acids present in the proteins are far more efficient over the muscle growth. Thanks to the faster delivery, the liver doesn’t get enough time to get rid of the amino acids. In short, hydrolysed proteins ensure that the body receives the maximum amount of amino acids that aids in muscle growth.
  • As we age, the body’s efficiency to absorb protein reduces overtime. Hence, hydrolysed proteins are perfect for elders with weak digestion.
  • Moreover, intake of the protein hydrolysate with carbs is considered beneficial for fitness enthusiasts. Such a routine aids in complete body protein-synthesis.
  • Hydrolysed proteins also result in higher production of insulin compared to intact proteins.
  • A recent study shows that hydrolysed proteins are beneficial for infants with cow milk allergy (CMA) or other immune diseases.
  • Most importantly, hydrolysed proteins also aid in the faster recovery of muscles after a rigorous workout or muscle injury resulting from exercise. Hence, it is often recommended to fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

Protinex is currently on a mission to educate India about the importance of hydrolysed proteins. At the Lucknow event, Kavita Devgan also unveiled the Protein Calculator by Protinex on 27th February 2018. With the help of this protein calculator, anyone can start monitoring their regular protein intake and analyze the amount of protein they require more every day.

Protinex - Ultimate Source of Hydrolysed ProteinsAs mentioned by nutritionist and health writer Kavita Devgan, the benefits of Protinex extend beyond gymnasium. Besides the regular Protinex with zero Trans fat, there are also other variants specifically made for particular groups such as kids, pregnant women, and diabetic patients.

In this rigorous life, we often ignore our body’s protein intake and end up feeling lethargic and tired most of the time. Mr. Himanshu Bakshi, the Director of Marketing, Danone India commented at the event that almost 93% of Indian population is not aware of the ideal protein intake. Most of them believe that they are already getting enough protein from their diet, which is not true.

A protein calculator is an excellent way to identify the protein needs and improve our protein intake with the help of protein supplements like Protinex without compromising on our health.


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