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Top 4 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

You keep a watch on what you eat and exercise to tone your body, but don’t lose any weight.  Have you ever wondered what wrong you are doing? Weight loss can be so frustrating sometimes that it makes our life stressful and unhappy. As a woman, body weight is number one priority for me. For me weight loss is not just about watching intake of calories or how many crunches I do in a day. It’s much more than that. Weight gain can happen due to many reasons like wrong dietary habits, hormonal imbalance, hereditary and much more. In this article, I am discussing few reasons which might be the main cause of not having weight loss.

Why You Don't Lose Weight

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  • Lack of Sleep: It’s a fact that a lack of sleep might hinder your weight loss. Metabolism of the body slows down if you don’t have adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation affects the hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin. Leptin hormones tell your brain to stop eating while ghrelin stimulates hunger. Inadequate sleep results into high level of ghrelin which is the main cause of weight gain. To overcome this problem, try turning off your phone and laptops, make room dark and sleep in a clean comfy bed.
  • Inadequate Intake of Water: We all know that water is good for our body and also helpful in shedding weight. But, do we really know how much water we should actually drink? When you are not taking enough water, the body gets dehydrated and your kidneys get affected. To overcome this, your body puts pressure on liver. And because liver is function hard, it stores the consumed fat more than burning it resulting into weight gain. Even if you intake high fiber and less water, you will be shortly facing the problem of constipation. Every day 10 to 12 glasses of water is needed in the body. If you are dieting, start increasing your water intake and gradually increase the fiber intake. By balancing both of these, you can attain the desired weight in no time.
  • Intake of Hidden Calories: Hidden sugars are in almost every product you eat. Be it the breakfast cereals, diet drinks, sauces or spread, each product contains sugar. But you must me be thinking, does that really matter? And the answer is “YES”. Added sugar can do more damage to your weight loss and overall health. With regular intake of these products, you are damaging your body and making it more prone to diseases like tooth decay, diabetes, heart problems and obesity. The only solution of this problem is to increase the intake of fresh fruits, green tea in morning and avoid products which have hidden sugars in them.
  • You are On Your Ass for Too Long: Do you spend most of your time playing games on social media sites or watching daily soap. Then you got every reason to be fat. Your body needs constant movement to burn calories. A small 30 minutes’ walk, stretching, standing can burn all those extra calories in your body which you intake daily. With all these small activities, you can actually get weight loss even when you skip your daily exercise.


Weight loss is best when done in a stress freeway. By keeping few things in mind, you can actually shed many pounds with just few simple changes in your daily lifestyle.

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