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Top 10 Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

When talking about women traveling alone, the only question pops in mind is about the safety. With all the recent event happening around the globe, women are the easiest target of someone’s dirty mind. So, should we stop going for solo travel? NEVER!!!

I feel that if every woman who loves traveling take few points in consideration, she can stay safe and enjoy the destination to fullest. Even you are moving to a new place, the culture is alien, you don’t understand the language, but with below points, you can survive the most difficult trip with ease. All these points are mentioned to make you safer. Our motto is to promote solo traveling for all the women around the world.

Ten Safety Tips for Solo Female Travel

Top 10 Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Through Research on the Destination in Advance:

Being spontaneous might be a fun thing to do but not when traveling to an unknown If you are planning a solo travel, research about the destination well in advance. Even the most modern cities have a cruel place you don’t want to visit. Pick the map and mark in red all the places you don’t want to be. Make sure you have all the information about the embassy, police, medical center and Travel Agent Company who planned your trip. This way you will smartly avoid getting steered on wrong places accidently or by a stranger.

Travel Insurance is a must:

You are young and healthy, so you avoid spending money on travel insurance. Don’t be foolish and get travel insurance as it could save your life. If something happens to you, travel insurance will help you get home, and reimburse all your expenses, so you won’t left broke after a disastrous trip.

Avoid Keeping Valuables on Trip:

We do love to carry all the bling, latest gadgets or even important documents when we are traveling the world. This thing might be OK for you but can catch the eye of muggers. Never carry a laptop, e-reader or DSLR on places where you are likely to be robbed. Keep in simple, so you can enjoy the tourist location without much of a worry to handle the luggage.

Carry Limited Cash and Password Protected Cards:

When you are going to take a stroll around the city, you don’t require credit cards or passport unless you are planning for upscale Carry a decent amount of money that can help you in getting a transit, the address of your location, Xerox of important papers, passport copy, and password protected debit card with you. Rest of the stuff can stay lock in your suitcase back in hotel room.

Never Trust the Stranger:

Most important point to be taken into consideration when men or women are traveling alone. There might be a time when you feel lonely or find a person or group that matches your vibe. But, things always don’t look as they seem. When meeting a stranger, never reveal too much information about you. Be discreet, buy your drinks and never go to a lonely place alone with a stranger. Meeting a sexy guy in a new location might thrill you, but you don’t want to get robbed or worse physically hurt by anyone.

Avoid Drinking:

Drinking may help you feel relaxed, but it can put you at a greater risk on the road, bar, or restaurant. Alcohol does affect your senses where you get dull and take the time to react. So, be wise and avoid drinking. If you are still planning to drink, have a glass of water between drinks and you will be in much critical. Also, drink in a decent place only when you are sure and comfortable with another companion.

Stay in Safe Place:

Even if you have a tight budget, we advise you to spend a good amount on staying at a posh hotel instead of crashing in a hostel or cheap lodge. It might look like a luxury, but you want to sleep safely every night in a different city. Before booking a hotel, you can check out trip advisor to read the reviews of hotels so you can pick a stay that is near to tourist destination and safe to stay alone.

Blend in with the Culture:

The best way to pretend as a local is by getting dressed as locals. There are places where you can wear a regular t-shirt and shorts to get easily mingled in the crowd, but other countries especially Asian, Middle Eastern Countries and certain parts of Europe still dress conservatively. Try to observe people or do prior research about the culture of the place. This way you can avoid the unnecessary attention that can create a problem for you.

Create a Backup Plan:

Think about what you will do if you are left alone with no money and passport stolen. Always think about the worst that can happen on a trip to create a full proof backup plan. Keep all the documents copy stored in Google Docs and Drop Box. Also keep all the necessary number store there so in case your phone gets stolen you can get the details from there as well. Keep a few hidden bucks in your luggage. Also, as we mentioned above, carry the copy of all the documents and only limited cash when you are going out for a stroll.

Keep Updating Your Family and Friends:

We temp to go underground while traveling but it is not a wise decision when you are going Give the copy of your itinerary, flight numbers, accommodation address, significant numbers, and location to your family. Keep them posted beforehand the places you are planning to visit. By communicating with your family on a daily basis, you keep yourself safe so in case if something happens to you, they can easily track you down.

The list is still incomplete, and there are many points others like to include in this article as per their experience. The main idea behind this article is to create a habit among solo traveler so they can have a safe journey. We would like to hear your point of view on this and also a list of places to travel alone for women.

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