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Seven Surprise Ideas for Husband

We lead a busy life and with our hectic schedule, we forget to acknowledge each others’ presence. Being married can be a bliss if you keep the fire of love alive in your relationship. This doesn’t mean expensive gift or doing compromises, but doing something very ordinary but special for your husband. There are many small things that can make him feel special, loved and surprised for sure.

So, here are some interesting surprise ides you can do for your partner:

Surprise him by a Desert: There are many times he will request you to bring his favorite desert. But, you can surprise him by pick his favorite food and serve him after he come home after spending a hectic day. I am sure he will be incredibly grateful to you after seeing this.

Make him King of a Day: Men love to be lazy on weekend. Then it’s time for you to make his wish come true. Plan a weekend when you don’t let him work or bother him for any work. Let him relax on his way and give him things he need. I am sure he will notice this gift and feel loved for sure.

Cook his Favorite: It’s said that a way to man’s heart goes through his stomach. I find that true. Surprise your partner by cooking his favorite breakfast or dinner. Try this and you will definitely make his the happiest man in the world.

Create a Music Video: You don’t have to be artist to do this. All you need is some of his good photos and his favorite music track. There are many site you can easily find online which allows you to upload photo and music to create a video. With just one click, you can show him the love you have stored in your heart.

Surprise Gift: Many times your husband secretly desire for a gift. He might be saving for that too. So, why not save some money and gift him a thing he really desire for. But for this, you need to some digging and that can be easy task for a women.

Let him and world know your love: Men really love when their women tell others how much they adore their husband. The best way to do that is dedicate a song on radio. Write a special message and dedicate a song on radio. Make sure that your husband is listening radio when your message is about to play. The best time is to make this happen in morning when is he off to office or returning home.

Be the Seductress: Sometime a man like to be seduced. So, take this as an opportunity to show him the love you have for him. Plan a perfect romantic night and seduce him in the way he never imagined.

Making your partner happy is not a rocket science. All you need to think is some interesting surprising ideas to show how much you love them.

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