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7 Side Effects of Essential Oils Everyone Should Know

Essentials oils are procured by processing flowers, fruits, and spices techniques, Used in aromatherapy, beauty and hair care; the essentials oil has been around pretty much forever. But, every single thing is useful if only used in a proper form. While we all know that most oils have healing effects, there are some hazardous side effects of essential oils.  Essential oils are all natural, but they do have a dangerous element in them.

Side Effects of Essential Oils

Side Effects of Essential Oils

We have listed down some of the most common questions people ask before using essential oils. These answers are a perfect guide for using essential oils in the correct manner and how to avoid the side effects of essential oils.

Are Essential Oils Safe Under Sun?

Essential oils may be useful for skin problems, but particular oils can cause skin burn when exposed to the sunlight. If you are heading to the beach, going of tan or roaming under the sun, don’t apply any essential oil on your skin. Exposure under the sun can cause discoloration to oozing burns. You can always use a good healing oil in the night to reverse the effect of sun damage on exposed body parts.

Are Essential Oils Safe During Pregnancy

Are Essential Oils Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnant Woman and breastfeeding mothers should always be extremely cautious while using essential oils. Most the oils are saturated and applied when diluted in another carrier oil. One can use one or two drops in a carrier oil before applying on skin or hair. Never use oil on yourself if you are breastfeeding. Before using any essential oil, consult your doctor to avoid any side effects.

Are Essential Oils Safe to Inhale?


Inhaling essential oils might give side effects to people who are suffering from health problems. If you have pre-existing conditions of lung infection, asthma, or heart disease, we advise you to avoid using essential oils. You can go to a trained aromatherapist and enjoy a good massage to relax the nerves. But, never take the word from friend, neighbors or a blog on using essential oil if you have the pre-existing medical condition.

Are Essential Oils Diffusers Safe?

We all know that Oil diffusers have become incredibly popular, yet there are thoughts among users about the side effects of using essential oil diffusers. These diffusers are used to vaporize the oils and safe to use only under specific guidelines. Never use oil diffusers near a pregnant woman, children, aged people, pets, people who have asthma, and heart disease. The oil diffuser should not be run more than 2 hours as too much vaporization can be toxic to anybody’s health.

Are Essential Oils Diffusers Safe

Are Essential Oil Beneficial for Skin Irritation?

Essential oils have healing properties that can soothe a headache and skin burns. But, applying concentrated oil can cause severe skin irritation. Many oils if applied undiluted might irritated the skin and gave rashes. Always dilute the oil in a suitable carrier oil and do a patch test before using all over the surface.

Are Essential Oils Safe for Pets?

No, they are entirely unsafe for the pets. Pets tend to get irritated with a strong smell or tend to lick the unknown things. Never use essential oil near the pets as it can harm their health, cause skin irritation and if swallowed might put pet’s life in danger.

Can Essential Oil Cause Illness or Death if Swallowed?

Essential oils are prepared for external use only thus never be taken orally. If you are using essential oil, keep them away from kids and pets reach. Use the oil in small quantity just for the external application. If you consume essential oil accidentally, you must ask for medical help immediately before it becomes fatal.


Essential oils are safe when used wisely. Before picking any essential oil, read its usage, benefits and application methods. Always go for spot test before applying it to skin or hair. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding woman or suffering from any disease, use essential oil under proper medical guidance. Keep the bottle out of reach form pets, and kids as the consumption of essential oil can be fatal. Instead of getting scared, keep these points in mind and enjoy the immense benefits of essential oils.

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