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10 Super Foods That Help You Fight Depression

Feeling sad or miserable all the time? Well, this might be a sign of Depression. Many of us suffer from this silent disease without even knowing it. We fight this feeling by eating food, socializing, going out, getting drunk yet feel empty from inside the very moment we are left alone. If money could have cured depression, we might never feel sad. Depression is a disease that you need fight on daily basis. The road to get out of depression can be long and tiring but who said that we can’t enjoy while suffering.

So, What is Depression?

Before, we look in to the cure or methods to get rid of depression, let’s understand the whole concept of depression. Depression is a state of mind when you feel negative all the time and find yourself in a low mood almost every day. A person suffering from depression would go through an array of mixed emotions such as anxiety, sadness, emptiness, helplessness, guilt, shame, restlessness and irritation. They are no more excited about the things they used to enjoy once. Suffering from depression can also have adverse effects on the diet of the person. While in worst case scenarios, depression can also result in suicidal tendencies.

As depression is a lot psychological than physical, fighting depression depends a lot on the mindset of the person. Hence, there are lots of factors in our day to day lifestyle that we can alter to fight this psychological illness. One of those factors is the diet.

Super Foods To Fight Depression

Yes, a proper diet can help an individual suffering from depression in a more effective manner than medicines. So, here in this article we bring you a list of super foods that can dispel negativity and depression from your mind in a tasty way.

Coconut: Fatty foods always become our best friend in sad time. So, why not consume healthy fat that improves our mood, make us look good and give boost to immune system. Coconut water contains healthy fat that can do miracle on your sad soul. Just keep dream about happy thoughts while sipping coconut water.

Walnuts: Rich is omega fatty acids, protein, and fiber. Our hormones have a power to make us feel sad or depressed without any reason. Omega fats control the release of such hormone to ward off depression. So, much down handful of walnuts to be happy.

Cherry Tomatoes: This cute looking vegetable looks great in salad and give amazing taste to your food. Cherry tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant responsible to enhance your mood. Also, it give you good dose of vitamin c to have glowing skin. So, pick up bunch of cherry tomatoes next time when you go for shopping.

Whole Grain: Our daily diet is filled carbs, the good one and the bad one. Bad carbs make you fat but good carbs give you strength, fight depression and sadness. Selenium is found in whole grain foods which is a good source of carbs that ward of disease, boost immune system and fight constipation. A good reason to be happy and feel relieved.

Asparagus: Did you know that the low level of folate in your body can be one of the reason of your depression. Taking pills for folate are generally prescribed to those who are suffering from depression. But, I can bet that eating Asparagus is definitely tastier and beneficial in comparison to pills. Asparagus is rich in folic acid and tryptophan both highly effective to fight depression.

Eggs: A rich source of proteins, zinc, omega3 and vitamin B, eating eggs in breakfast is a great way to start your day as they give boost to your energy especially when you workout. Also, eating a healthy breakfast will keep you away from unhealthy indulgence.

Dark Chocolate: This is a sinful treat of every person who want to feel little well about themselves. Dark Chocolate contains serotonin, dopamine, and phenylethylamine that make you happy, prevents premature aging, and improve blood circulation in body. If want to enjoy a sinful indulgence without worrying about your growing waist line, then pour dark chocolate over fruits and nuts or just enjoy a hot cup of dark chocolate milk.

Banana: A simple fruit packed with energy that rejuvenates your nervous system, provide Vitamin B, and helps in regeneration of new cells. Have a healthy dose of one banana when you feel depressed or lethargic.

Salmon: Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, consuming salmon will help you reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation in body. The good fats present in salmon make your brain cell active and nervous system healthy.

Cheese: We all believe that cheese is a food that make you fat and is hard to digest. But, we have to be honest that it’s difficult to keep yourself away from this creamy delight. Cheese is actually a great source of Zinc, a very essential mineral for body to fight depression. Your body doesn’t produce zinc so eat cheese to fill that need is not bad at all. The best way to eat cheese is by consuming it in real small quantity. Take it in a veggie sandwich or sprinkle some on your soup. This way you can enjoy a creamy cheese and yet won’t gain fat.

Remember, depression is not a shameful thing to accept. Actually you need to be really brave to say that out loud. Depression can happen to anyone, women, men or even children. The first step is the acceptance of this disease and determination to fight against the negativity. Start loving yourself for who you are and make effort every day to live happy.

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