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Love Handle Exercises

Love Handle Exercises: 5 Best Muffin Top Workouts

Whether you call them love handles or muffin top, losing mid-section fat is a painstaking process. But, there’s nothing to worry more. There are several love handle exercises that could help you get rid of that flab tire around your waist. Getting rid of the

12 Best Weight Loss Exercises For Women

Having a perfectly equipped gym is a dream of every women who wishes to stay fit and more importantly have a toned body. Women play different role in their life. They do job, take care of home, do cooking, look after kids, the list seems

15 Weird But Healthy Fitness Tips

Keeping yourself fit and healthy is very essential now a days. There is lot of pollution in the air, unpredictable weather conditions and work related stress in our lives. Such a life can lead to weakness, health issues or results into some severe disease. Hence

Top 4 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

You keep a watch on what you eat and exercise to tone your body, but don’t lose any weight.  Have you ever wondered what wrong you are doing? Weight loss can be so frustrating sometimes that it makes our life stressful and unhappy. As a