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Tampons vs Pads – Which one is Right for You?

Few days ago, I saw a post about a girl (young model) who lost her leg because of the Tampons she used. After reading the article, I was a bit shocked that a really small thing can do such a severe damage to your body if not used correctly. Being a woman, I always hate my monthly days as they are painful, make me feel cranky, and my whole body gets swollen up because of bloating. During that time, all you want is comfort on every level. However with many options of sanitation available, its hard to choose between the two popular options: Tampons vs Pads

Being said that, I have tried both sanitary napkins and tampons during my menstrual cycle. And, today I would like to share my experience with both and help you decide yourself, what’s best for you!

But, before we get into my story and experience with both these options for the menstrual period, let us understand what a tampon or a sanitary pad actually is! However, most of us will be aware of sanitary pads, but only few know about tampons. Being raised in a small city Vadodara (Gujarat), I never even heard about tampons in my younger age. Frankly, the first time I knew about this product was through one of my relatives who lives in Australia.

Understanding Sanitary Pads and Tampons!

A sanitary napkin, also known as sanitary pad, menstrual pad, pad or sanitary towel is a permeable item that is worn my woman while she is going through her menstrual period. A sanitary napkin is also preferred by woman recovering from vaginal surgery, post abortion, for lochia or any other case in order to absorb the blood flow from the vagina.

Whereas, a tampon is cylindrical absorbent material basically used by women during their menstrual period. Unlike a sanitary pad, a tampon is designed to be inserted into the vagina in order to absorb the menstrual flow during menstruation.

Tampons vs Pads

Tampons vs Pads: My Experience With Both

Going back to my story, I had my first cycle at age of 13 or 14 and like every other girl; I got a whole tutorial on how to use sanitary napkins from my mother. At first using pad was a bit awkward for me. The sanitary napkins were really thick and a whole lot of uncomfortable when you move around. Now, with so much evolution in the sanitary napkin industry, today you get a variety hygienic sanitary napkin options for your period days. It helps soak the blood faster, lock the odor and doesn’t give rash to the skin. This is what I can say about the brand I am using for years.

During periods, I often get a stupid craving to try something new. Blame it to my PMS, I went to shop and picked up the tampons. Don’t really remember the name of the brand, but it had given a fair description of how to use them. The whole experience was so awkward and not to forget painful. First, it was the second day of my periods which I call as a doomsday. Now, in the midst of the pain, I tried to shove the whole thing in my utterly sensitive region. It was not at all comfortable and tampon didn’t go all the way in, resulting in one big red stain on my clothes.

The only good thing which happened during this whole experiment is that it helped me decide the true friend of my monthly cycle. I would advise every girl who wish to try tampons, do try it on the day when you are having low bleeding and not suffering from pain. Also, avoid going out as you might end up in an embarrassing situation. In short, in the war between Tampons vs Pads, the clear winner for me is of course the sanitary pads.

From that day to present, I am happily stuck with my high absorbing, thin pads. They are comfortable and I feel more protected even when I am out. If you are having heavy bleeding, go for a heavy flow pad or a high absorbing pad. Stay comfortable as your body requires rest in these days. Some might call me backward, but I always feel more comfortable in having a good coverage around me rather than feeling stuck up in a very uncomfortable place.

Tampons might be a very good thing to use for many girls, but it doesn’t provide you full proof protection especially when you have to move a lot. Pads are thin, give you great coverage and hygienic in every sense. These are my thoughts, but I would love to hear from girls or women out there.

Let us know in your comments below about what would you choose between tampons vs pads!

One thought on “Tampons vs Pads – Which one is Right for You?”

  1. Rachna says:

    Hi Pooja,

    This is the first time I came through this word Tampon. I always prefer to try things that are new to me… After my experience with it, I decide whether to go with it or not but after I read your article, I would love to stick with my sanitary pads during periods… I took this decision even without trying tampons… Thank you for your article…

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