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Wedding Special: A New Life, A New Beginning for Newly Weds!

Today the younger generation, mostly in metropolitan cities are opting for a Live -in Relationship. Boys and girls don’t wish to settle down with Marriage as it comes with many compromises. Be it love marriage or arrange marriage, the couple don’t get enough time to know each others like/dislikes and ambitions in life. Before they can decide, they find themselves standing at the alter. Perhaps its time, to give them space to understand what marriage is all about.

In India, we live in a very conservative world and our parents or society would never accept a live-in relationship or a couple living together without getting married. No matter how much you love a person before marriage you cannot predict the how the life changes when you actually start living with the person with new responsibility and a new life. The worst case comes often in arranged marriages where compatibility between two people living together is out of the question before marriage and they need to start to know each other, their likes or dislikes, habits and behavior in a very limited period of time and while they are beginning to know each, they get married. Its the wedding season now in the country and most of the grooms and brides are in two minds about their post married life whether they will be able to cope up with the new responsibilities and adjust with the new life.

Being married for two years, I came to know few things which can make your married life smoother. No matter for how long you know your partner, living a married life is totally different. Here are some advices that made my married life smoother and sweeter everyday and still going on. Hope, it does the same for you.

  • Holiday Together: One of the things which bonds two people together is the quality time spend with each other. It’s not necessary to go on an expensive tour with your partner. Plan small holiday with your spouse, select the location and go out together. This way you will get the break from your regular routine and an opportunity to know the person living with you more closely. Not to forget, a new collection of couple pics you are going to click.
  • Space: For me this one word is taken in a very negative way when used for married couples. In most married couples wife/husband feels that it’s their right to nag their spouse even when the other is begging for some quiet time alone. Every person needs some time to understand his/her desires, ambition, expectation or other personal stuff. One should always understand and respect space your spouse need. I do enjoy spending time with myself in my balcony and love my husband more when he doesn’t disturb me.
  • Do Thing Together: Most of couple in arranged marriage doesn’t really know about the likes and dislike of each other. So, what if you are not a nature lover as your wife or you really find cricket or tennis boring while your husband jumps like maniac watching one. You can always show some interest on each other hobby to make them special. These small things create a great bond between two people who promise to share their life together.
  • Have Individual Account: Many couple drifts apart because of the financial issue. It’s a good idea to maintain individual bank account in this generation. You can save money on your own and spend either on yourself or on spouse. Also this gives the girl freedom to spend her money the way she desire. According to me, having individual account make a win-win situation for both husband and wife…. What do you think?
  • Share Household Chores: Every elder whom I have met always made me realize one thing “Women do the household stuff, not Husband”. I used to ask why and their answer was “it’s our tradition”. Now, I never ever have read this anywhere which tell me a husband can’t help wife in cooking and cleaning. I was very much frustrated at the first year of my marriage when all the household work used to be on my shoulder while my husband used to watch me doing the circus. One day I fell down hard and while crying just asked him why he can’t help me. He laughed and said you never asked. From that day we started sharing the work, so that we both get enough time to do our office work, personal work and lead less frustrating life.
  • Shop Together: Shopping is fun and for men too. Now shopping doesn’t always mean clothes, cosmetics, jewelry etc. You can shop at vegetable market, grocery, home decor stuff or anything that you wish to bring to your house. This way your husband can know you are saving money while you can show him that you are a smart shopper.

There is nothing like a perfect married life, it’s up to you to make it one. A good Marriage life is not always about compromises you have to make; it’s more about making each other happy, comfortable and most important and respecting each other thoughts.

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