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Top 10 Illegal Things That Nobody Cares About in India

India is a land of cultural diversities, different religions and languages. For people from other countries especially the western countries, India is a mystery land or a land of magical wonders. Everyday thousands of tourists visit India to take a glimpse of this mystery land, enjoy its nature or rejuvenate their bodies with the best Aromatherapy available in the world. Among these tourists there are many who visit the country to observe the weirdest stuff happening out here and add those experiences as some memorable time of their lives.

But among these, they also observe a lot of bizarre stuff while traveling on the roads of India. Many few tourists actually know that this bizarre stuff that they find on Indian roads is actually illegal in the country by law. Each and every citizen is aware of such illegal activities prevailing in India out in the open but they don’t complain about it instead they simply take benefits of it. Though there are some exceptions and I know of a few organizations or NGOs who are opposing such acts or better say Jobs in India.

Let me take you to a ride and guide you through these illegal stuff that happening openly in India:

1)      Ear Drum Cleaning:

This is one of the traditional businesses in India flourishing for centuries. The people or should we call them experts doing the ear cleaning business known popularly as ‘Kaan Maeliye’, can be spotted under the tree or on the streets sitting with a box of their special equipments. They take a very small amount and totally clean your ear but in the most dangerous and unhygienic way. Though it’s illegal as per the government norms, you can see them running their business in small towns and villages in India. Almost every day, many people willingly lend their ears to master of ear cleaners. So if you have the courage and can risk losing your hearing capacity, then you can surely try these Kaan Maeliyas. Though, I prefer to stay away from them.

2)      Street Dentistry:

Need dental check up, surgery or filling job, but don’t have money? Contact the street dentists and get any kind of teeth work done at a minimal amount. But, they don’t give you any surety if your mouth is filled with pus later. Similar to the ear cleaning business, road side dentistry is also going on in India for centuries. Most of these roadside dentists don’t hold any degree to provide such service. Still, they guarantee to deliver excellent form of service any dental professional can provide. So, if you are having a tooth ache, removal of teeth or fixing fake teeth, find these roadside dental surgeons and get the cheapest dental service in the world. All you need is strong heart and energy to bear the ghastly pain.

Again practicing any form such professional service that affects the health of a person strictly requires a license, permission or at least some certificate that proves you are trustworthy professional. Hence, these roadside dentists are running an illegal profession to earn their livelihoods.

3)      Food Adulteration:

India is not only known for its mysteries but also the festivals. As much as we love celebrating these festivals, we also love the sweets and various different food items on these occasions. Hence the demand of sweets and its ingredients rise like anything on those days. Many shop owners to take advantage of the festive season knowingly adulterate the food items and other ingredients for preparing sweets.

Food adulteration is one of the biggest problems in India. Every year hundreds of people either get sick or die because of this adulteration business and most of them are poor people. Indian government has created strict law against food adulteration; still this business runs in the dark alley of every state in India. This particular business gets in boom during the festive season when the adulteration is done with milk and milk based products. Though, this business has been exposed many times in the news channels, it still flourish in the country and many lives are taken by this business.

4)      Replica Goods:

India is called a land of wonders or mystery and this can be proved by the fact that you can get all the branded items 100% genuine in various different markets as well as you can also find the replicas of the same branded items sold at very cheaper rates. The major part of the Indian population falls in the Middle Class category and hence they couldn’t afford the expensive branded items. So there’s a big market for replica or duplicate items for those who can’t afford the genuine ones.

We all desire for expensive clothes, jeweler, watches, shoes etc. but we don’t have enough money to get all. There is big Replica Goods Market out there in every metropolitan city of India. You can get replicas of various goods such as apparel, shoes, crockery, cold drinks, watches and cosmetics of any international brand at very cheap rates. This market does not stop only at accessories; there is list of fake medicines out there in market which are used to cure patients. I don’t know how much they work but one thing is for sure that this illegal activity is growing very fast in India.

5)      Sex Determination & Girl Child Abortion:

India is a land known for its girl child killing tradition in the past. There were many shameful acts which prevailed in ancient India where a girl child was considered a burden or shame for the family. Fortunately today we are better civilized and such deadly acts against girl child has reduced because of awareness and government law. But still there are families who desire for a boy than a girl on a baseless belief that it’s the boy who runs the family line.

A girl child is called “Laxmi” (Goddess of Wealth) in India. Still, nearly 50,000 unborn female babies are killed in their mother’s womb. We might think that this don’t happen in cities and only in villages where people are illiterate and backward. Think again; there are many hospitals and small clinics where such sex determination processes are still active although Indian Government has banned such an activity and termed it as illegal.

Many doctors perform sex determination process of a pregnant woman who in turn also offers to abort the child if it’s found to be a girl for a small amount of money. It is a fully flourished business in India which runs openly at various clinics. As soon as the girl is married, she is supposed to get pregnant. Once she conceives a child, sex determination test is done and if the child is female, it’s killed in the womb itself the very same moment. When we talk about honoring women, we need to start from its birth. Then only we can stop this illegal activity as a society. A woman is required as equally as a man to run the family line and to sustain human life on earth. I wonder why these people don’t understand that.

6)      Red Light Areas:

Don’t mistake Red Light area as some traffic signal point where the signal often remains red. No, in fact Red Light Areas actually are those parts of the cities where prostitution centers are run openly. Though prostitution is banned and termed illegal in India, you can find one red light area in almost every city of the country. In the outer world everyone despises such centers but unfortunately it attracts a lot of people especially men during the night. This is the most shameful part of every city where humanity dies. There are several women and young girls brought from different parts of the country to be sold here and forced into the prostitution market.

Though proper legislation have been created by the government, this area flourish in every city and the sex addict people among us are the real reason behind the rise of this ugly business. Many NGO organizations are working hard to help and rescue these women and young girls but the roots of this industry are very deep enough and linked with dangerous mafia and powerful politicians. As a part of the society, it’s our duty to help these women get back into their world with full honor. We pray goddesses but we often forget to respect a women standing in front of us in such a terrible state.

7)      Movies CD/DVDs Piracy Market:

India is one of the biggest markets for many Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies. There are thousands of movies released yearly in regional languages as well in India. Many lives are dependent on the movie industry. From actors to spot boys, from production houses to local theatres, from directors to distributors, everyone’s income merely depends on the success of their movies. Hence like many other countries of the world, Piracy of any kind and especially movies is illegal in India.

The unfortunate fact is that India is actually one of the largest markets for Pirated movies as well. Every year, entertainment industry bears huge loss because of the Piracy problem going in India. Government has taken some strict action to stop piracy still many vendors can be found in every city selling the latest movie DVDs and CDs. This does not only affect the entertainment industry but piracy business also gives boost to the blue film industry which is illegal in India as well. We make sure that no illegal activity is done by us; still most of us stand in front of these road side shops and get the latest movie DVDs or CDs. There are certain local markets in India where you can find these pirated movies sold publicly without the fear of law or police.

8)      Begging:

Begging is illegal in many countries but I am not sure if it’s the same in India. Though the one thing I am sure about is the illegal racket which is organized by mafia in the name of begging in India. If you live in India or visiting India then the most common people you will notice around temples, mosques and some local markets are beggars. These beggars can be aged men or women, mothers and small kids. You might show pity on them and think that by giving them money, you will be helping these people. But, the actual scenario is quite different. These beggars are actually people who are brought in cities by human traffickers. Most of the kids among them are actually kidnapped or orphan children who are forced to beg for 2 meals a day. To gain pity for these beggars, physical damages are done to their bodies by this cruel mafia gang. They show no mercy on this community.  Many Ngo’s work to rescue people trapped in this begging industry, still as far I can see, there are many yet to be saved.

Next time if you see anyone begging from you I would advice never offer any money instead buy some food for them.

9)      Desi Daru:

There’s a famous Bollywood song “Daru Desi” and it’s quite popular in India. But trust me when I say this, production of desi daru (locally made alcohol in the backyard) and selling it is one of the biggest illegal activities in India. Every year hundreds of people mostly men died due to the intake of poisonous alcohol. Desi Daru is actually consumed by those people who either can’t afford the costly alcohol brands or they are addicted to desi daru. Alcohol is banned in many states of India and Gujarat, the state where I live is one of them. But as per my research the highest quantity of Desi Daru is produced in Gujarat itself.

Many places are daily raided by Police with the help of NGOs who protest against such alcohol but they reopen again after few days at the same place. Desi Daru is one of the main reasons for domestic violence in India but still it is sold widely in every nook and corner.

10)   Child Labor:

They are the most common people found in India. You will find one in every corner of India on food stalls, tea stalls etc. Everyone calls them “Chotu”.

Do you know why?

It’s because ”Chotu” means tiny or small and often addressed to small kids  who are forced into labor work at these stalls when they should be actually studying.

No matter how strict laws are created by Indian government against child labor, still millions of underage children can be found on the streets, traffic signal, tea stalls, hotels, even in houses working house hold chores. These children are paid very less and are forced to work in the worst conditions. We make sure that our child gets everything in their life but we never stop and take a look at those deprived children. Next time, before screaming at a child sitting on a road side, just wait and ask yourself, is this really what they deserve.

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