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Top Romantic Destinations of 2012

In everyone’s life there comes a time when you wish for a vacation on a picturesque places with a welcoming weather, soft sand and salty yet refreshing winds. And the thing that makes its more perfect is spending the vacation as a couple. Here, in this article we give you top romantic holiday spots of the world where you can rekindle your love with your partner.            `


Known for attracting honeymooners from all around the world, The Caribbean is an amazing choice when you want to spend some magical time with your spouse. It’s amongst the most popular romantic destinations of the world. The whole ambiance around the island is relaxed and the views are breathtakingly beautiful. The islands are small but fully equipped to serve you with one of the most memorable vacation of your life.

Santorini, Greece

This Greek Islands has a picture perfect scenic beauty especially in summer months. Santorini is blessed with stunning blue water beaches, white buildings around the cobbled streets and the air is filled with the fresh smell of wild flowers. This is a perfect place to have a relaxing romantic holiday with love one.

South Africa

For couples who are looking for a thrilling holiday experience, then South Africa is a place is to be considered. Celebrate your marriage away from the fast life of the city, tasting some of the best wines or going for a great safari ride. Add-on a week holiday by taking a small trip to Mauritius for a rich beach experience!!


Make your honeymoon a lifetime experience by planning a holiday in Australia! This splendid country has something for everyone. OZ is the most popular places to visit according to the top most tourist magazines and companies. Taste different cuisines, experience wilderness and enjoy wine while seeing sun setting behind the Ayres Rock.

So, plan a small yet special honeymoon for a person you love most and the thing which makes this honeymoon better will be making this honeymoon trip a longer one. But remember, romantic holidays is not made by exotic locations, resorts or spas… but it is made by the time when you again fall in love with the person you love most.

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