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5 Top World Heritage Sites in India You Should Visit Once

There’s no doubt that India has a rich cultural heritage. It is the land where so many different rulers and empires ruled for centuries and left a part of their culture in the form of monuments, lifestyle, or cuisines.

UNESCO identifies such heritage sites, whether holding a cultural or natural significance, throughout the globe. In India too, UNESCO has recognized as many as 35 different World Heritage Sites. Among these, 27 sites define cultural importance, whereas eight sites represent of natural significance.

If you are an ardent traveler who desires to explore the diverse culture of India, you should try to visit each of these World Heritage Sites in India.

Best UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

As mentioned before, there are 35 different World Heritage Sites in India spread across the country. Well, if you could visit each one of them, then great. However, to make things easy for you, I have identified the best of the lot that you can cover in a single tour of India.

Let’s check out the list.

1. Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi

Humayun Tomb Delhi
Built in the Mughal era (1565-1572), Humayun’s Tomb is standing strong even today in the 21st Century. The tomb has gone through several restorations since the 15th century while preserved as the World Heritage Site in India. It’s one of the famous hangout spots for college students and tourists visiting Delhi. Owing to its scenic beauty, this Indian Heritage Site is also the most photographed monument in Delhi.

2. Nalanda Mahavihara, Bihar

Nalanda Mahavihara, Bihar
One of the earliest universities of India, Nalanda Mahavihara located in Bihar is preserved since the 5th century. Before the Mughals and British invaded India, Nalanda Mahavihara was the epitome of knowledge for over 800 years. The historical development of the site also witnessed the transformation of Buddhism into a religion as well as the growth of educational and monastic traditions in India.

3. Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park

Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park
Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park got its World Heritage site status in 2004 by UNESCO. With its origins dating back to a prehistoric period between the 8th and 14th centuries, this heritage site is widely famous for its archaeological, historical, and living cultural properties.

4. Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal

Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal
Sundarbans National Park located in West Bengal, India is the most extensive estuarine mangrove forest in the world. The national park is also one of the largest reserves for the Bengal Tiger. Sundarbans National Park was awarded the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987 as the natural property. Another attraction in this National Park is the saltwater crocodiles. Besides being a World Heritage Site, it is also one of the most dangerous National Parks in India as most of the Royal Bengal tigers are labeled as man-eaters because of their frequent encounters with the locals.

5. Ahmedabad City

Historic Ahmedabad City
With over 25 ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) protected structures in the city, Ahmedabad earns the status of being the first Indian city to enter the list of World Heritage City across the globe. The capital city of Gujarat, Ahmedabad preserves its rich cultural heritage with densely packed traditional houses known as pols. The city has been the capital of Gujarat for six centuries now.

Over to you!

India is a culturally rich country, and if you wish to experience the cultural heritage of this diverse nation, you must visit the above World Heritage Sites of India declared by UNESCO.

Each site mentioned above is different from one another and portrays the widely diverse cultural heritage of India.

2 thoughts on “5 Top World Heritage Sites in India You Should Visit Once”

  1. Tammy Lindner says:

    Great list Pooja,
    I have plan to visit Ahmedabad City and hope will enjoy this historical city.

  2. Isadora Guidoni says:

    Wow, these sites look incredible. I would to visit them all someday!

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