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Travel Beauty Tips – Must Have Beauty Essentials for Your Vacation

Looking good can be a tricky job, especially when you are traveling. Since you can’t take every beauty essentials with you, there’s no way you can sort all the necessary products which will help you look good all the time. So, for all those women doing long distance traveling, following tips will help you in deciding beauty products you need to carry in your luggage.

Beauty Essentials You Must Carry While Traveling

Travel Beauty Essentials for Vacationing

Lip Balm:

Always carry a good lip balm in your purse while traveling. Choose the lip balm which contains decent SPF as it will protect your lips from harsh sun and can use as a substitute for cream for moisturizing your hands. If you have unmanageable hair bangs, a good lip balm will work as a gel for styling your hair without giving a greasy look.

Makeup Remover Wipes:

Instead of going for wet wipes, choose makeup removing wipes as they contain toner that removes dirt, sweat, and makeup from your skin. This is the best way to feel clean without splashing water on your face.

Shrink Them Down:

Today, many cosmetic companies provide you a special travel package of their products. If you are having space issues in your luggage, carry your shampoo, conditioner, and cream in a small sachet. This way you carry a small but necessary amount of beauty essentials products with you. To keep your cosmetics from spilling, pack them in a zip lock bag.

Smell Wonderful:

You don’t want people to cringe away from you because of the overpowering odor of the perfume you are carrying. It’s wise to use a perfume while traveling, but the smell of your deodorant should be too strong. Always carry a light fragrant perfume with you which make you feel fresh and don’t irritate the other person senses.

Curling Iron/Hair Straightener with Cover:

Styling your hair in a correct fashion can change the way you look. Do carry a good curling or straight iron with you while traveling. Make sure you cover them with hot iron cases which come really handy when you want to pack hot iron right after use. This way you don’t have to actually wait for hair straightening iron to cool down, just use your straightening iron and shove it in the heat proof cover without getting worried about burning down your clothes.

Face Wash/ Body Wash:

To keep your skin clean for a longer time, you need a good soap that cleanses your skin from deep without over drying. Pack a decent amount of body wash or face wash which you can use it on your face as well on your body. The best part about carrying your own soap is that you don’t have to compromise with any unhygienic soap for cleaning your face.

Nude Makeup:

Carrying bright color makeup is not the wisest choice while traveling. If you are going out to meet people, it’s important to look good. Pack makeup that matches your natural skin tone. There are options of mineral makeup which can make you look beautiful and natural. If you have clear skin, pack a good BB cream with SPF with some natural rose blush. This way you can hide your skin imperfection without looking artificial.

Wide Eye with Mascara:

There are times when even in the best clothes and makeup we look utterly exhausted and drowsy. The main reason behind this is the tired eyes. To avoid such situations, carry a good waterproof curling mascara to give you a wide awake look. Remember to always use waterproof mascara to avoid the raccoon look in the rainy season.


One can get easily contaminated by any number of infections while traveling. Such infections can do serious damage to your skin like rashes, severe acne or itching on certain areas. To avoid such hazard, always carry a medicated sanitizer in your purse. Though it will be wise to always wash your hands with soap, but if you don’t have the option of getting water, use a sanitizer to keep your hands clean for a longer time.

Mouth Freshener:

Bad breath is the greatest enemy of people while traveling. To avoid foul smell and sticky feeling in your mouth, keep mints and gums in your purse. Drink lots of water and avoid foods which contain garlic or too much onion. This way you can ensure your breath is fresh and minty all the time.

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