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Trip to Majestic India – Introduction to India

India is considered as the most eye catching and alluring travel destination because of it versatile terrain and cultural heritage. Be it the great Himalayan Mountains or desert of Rajasthan to the exotic beaches of Goa or the misty tropical jungles, India keep on enchanting the visitors of the world and its growing day by day. India is home to world’s largest tiger population and the species is continuously thriving among this secured environment. Even on the economical level, major growth can be seen in India especially in the IT and Finance sectors.

Major attractions which bring visitors to India are the wildlife sanctuaries and natural attractions. There are almost hundred different natural parks and wildlife preserves which help in balancing the eco system. One can see wildlife free in their natural habitat which is rarely seen in zoos. If you plan smartly your trip to India, you can be the part of timeless celebration of several heritage festivals. Make sure to plan a visit to the historical museums where you and your family can learn about the vibrant culture of this majestic country.

Cuisines of India are quite popular around the world especially for its spices which bring different flavors in just one dish. In America the word used to describe Indian food is “Curry” which is basically a blend of various aromas and spices like cardamom, ginger, coriander, nutmeg, poppy and turmeric which is used in almost every dish because of its healing properties.

Vegetarian dishes are mostly eaten in the Sothern and Western region of India and northern side is known for its Non-Vegetarian dishes like Tandoori Chicken and Butter Chicken. Coastal regions offer various fish dishes like pomfret, Indian Salmon and shrimp. The best place to enjoy the costal food is Goa which is also known to be the major tourist attraction for visitors who are coming to India for the first time.

The best time to travel in India is from November to January. Shopping is very easy here but the best thing is to do bargain and you can save lot of money. Renting a vehicle from a registered place is advisable rather than using public transportation unless it’s very necessary. Hotels are the best place to stay which you are visiting in India as they come with proper security and privacy. If you keep things in mind, you can experience a memorable vacation in Majestic India.

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