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7 Must Carry Things When You Go Hiking

I lead a very hectic life which starts me checking on my phone the moment I wake up to the laptop on which I nearly spend 8 hours of my day. To get a break from this boring schedule, I love to on a hiking with my husband. We enjoy the fresh air, nature, tranquility and the fun of being child again.  The hiking trip of ours is only of a day so we don’t really carry much stuff with us. Still, there are few things we never forget to carry when we are out in the wild.

The basic thing to carry while hiking:

  • Shoes: While going for a hiking, the first choice everyone make is going for the hiking shoes which are kind of bulky.  The best way is to wear the shoes which has good grip, waterproof and comfortable. If you wear bulky or tight shoes while hiking, you might end injuring your ankle.
  • Clothes: Wear clothes in which you are comfortable. Best wear loose pants like cargoes while hiking as it give you flexibility to move. Also it protects your legs from any bug bites. A cotton tee and a cargo pant is great pair for me to get going in wild.
  • Water: We love to drink the nectar of spring river water; the only problem is they are filled with tiny incest’s, bacteria and fungus. So, if your are thirsty while hiking, instead of drinking river waters, drink the purified bottle water. This way you make sure that you don’t get any infected water in your stomach.
  • Swiss Knife: In the most difficult situations, pocket knife is the most useful tool, especially when you have tricky situation. Its handy easy to carry and use.
  • Mosquito repellent: You won’t enjoy your hiking if you are busy scratching your leg. Best, you should carry a mosquito repellent and apply between 3 to 4 hours while hiking. This is the best way to ensure that you carry good memories of hiking and not bug bites.
  • First Aid Kid: Carry basic things in your first aid kit which can help you or your friends if you get hurt while hiking. Best is if you carry an antiseptic, some waterproof bandage, pain killer and pain reliving spray.
  • Energy Bars: It’s advisable to carry a good amount of energy bars while hiking. This isn’t a good option as a snack but you can rely on it if you are lost in woods.

Once you got all your stuff in your backpack, you are ready to go for hiking. The best way to enjoy your hiking is to carry the things that will make your hiking comfortable and safer.

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