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Valentine’s Day Cheatsheet: What Your Valentine Wants?

So finally its February and Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Although I believe you can’t dedicate a single day to love but then in this hectic life of ours, Valentine’s Day means a lot to everyone. Couple rejuvenate their love this day while singles raise their hopes of finding their valentine on 14th February.

Valentine’s Day often turns out to challenging too especially for those in relationship. Apart from romance and love, it’s also becomes a task to make it special for your valentine. Some panic and get into last-minute perfect gift hunting frenzy. So here today I am sharing this cool “Valentine’s Day Cheatsheet” that could help you refresh your love once again.

What Your Valentine Wants!

Infographic Source: What Valentines Want | Shari’s Berries

The above infographic is a result of a survey of 1,000 people. As per the survery, on an average, 18-25 year olds are two times more excited than those aged between 55-65 year olds. On the contrary, the survey also states that as the age increases, the desire for gifts increases too. To be precise just 4.5% of 18-24 year olds desire for gifts on Valentine’s day whereas as many as 12.2% of 65+ years old desire for gifts from their Valentine. And we thought Valentine’s Day is only for the youth!

The survey also highlights about the type of gifts preferred by both men and women. 15% of men and 9% of women agreed that they would enjoy gifts that can be shared with their significant other. 39% of women and 35% of men would like a romantic present from their partner. Surprisingly only 20% of men and 19% of women want to be surprised on Valentine’s Day.

Of those surveyed, 57% of people would prefer to receive their gift at home, just 9% at work and 35% were happy with receiving their gift anywhere. They were also more eager to stay in on Valentine’s Day than go out for a meal.

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