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Weight Loss Diet: 10 Spices And Herbs That Help in Weight Loss

Now, fighting obesity has become easier with the health benefits of spices. As per the recent research report, consuming fresh spices will help you increase metabolism, break down fat tissue, suppress appetite as well as help in weight loss. All you have to do is add healthy spices generously to your daily meal, and you will be losing weight in no time.

Herbs That Aid Weight Loss:

Herbs and Spices For Weight Loss


This root plant is known for boosting energy level, speed up metabolism and fight obesity. Ginseng is so popular in Asian countries that you get the extracted juice, capsules, and food products in the market. What this root does is improve the insulin level and makes effective weight loss after consumption for a week.

Cayenne Pepper:

The spice is known for adding flavor to your boring meal but also curbing the unwanted appetite that leads to obesity. On the other hand, Cayenne is also metabolism booster and 25% more fat burning ability compared to any other food product.


Ever thought of losing weight instantly every time you eat unhealthy fatty food, then take a habit of eating turmeric as it stimulates the metabolism within a short period of consumption. Turmeric also, purifies the blood, the regenerate growth of new blood vessel and boost blood flow in the body.


One of the tested and proven methods of weight loss is by using ¼ to 1 teaspoon of cinnamon in warm water with honey and consuming empty stomach to boost metabolism and clean digestive tract that will result in effective weight loss. Cinnamon also stimulates insulin activity and increase the energy level of the body which diminish any craving produced by human body.

Black Pepper:

The best way to stop your body from forming fat cells every time you eat is by adding fresh black pepper to your dish. Piperine combined with capsaicin, when meets other substance in our body, it burns calorie as much as a 20-minute walk.


Be it improving your digestion or energy production without much of dieting is by eating cumin on a regular basis. Cumin is effective in controlling glycemic among type 2 diabetic patients. In much old age text, cumin is found useful in enhancing memory and as anti-stress medicine.

Mustard Seeds:

It might not be the flavorful ingredient you want to add to your meal, but mustard seeds boost metabolism even hours after eating. Mustard is high in fat, but unlike carbs, it aids in dieting and makes you feel fuller longer time.


One lovely flower to look, very much edible and full of nutrition. Dandelions have antioxidant properties, and a compound called Taraxacin, Taracerin, inulin and levulin which boost your slow digestion. Along with that this flower also contains dietary fiber beta carotene, vitamin K1, and minerals that purify blood and cleanse entire system.


This is one of the most popular aromatic spice with a unique spicy-sweet flavor. Used as a mouth freshener in India, Cardamom helps in boosting metabolism after you ate a heavy Many Ayurveda manuscripts mention of using Cardamom in medicines to cure stomach problems.


It gives you stinky breath, but adamant spice if you want to get rid of fat, lower down cholesterol level, regulate insulin, and control blood pressure. According to study, consuming crushed garlic empty stomach have proven very beneficial to health. Still, if you can’t eat raw garlic, try using in in your cooking to make food tastier and healthier.

Over to you!

There are many weight loss meal plans advising eating plain chicken, steam fish, and boiled vegetables. Instead of crying on your boring food, spice them up with above weight loss herbs that will satisfy taste buds and help reduce weight with every spoon.

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