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Beauty Misconceptions – 10 Common Wrinkle Myths Debunked

Most of the women tend to look for the ways to get rid of their wrinkles as it’s considered as a sign of aging. There are many solutions which can help minimize the appearance of wrinkle on the face but one needs to understand how these solutions work. We tend to waste most of our time and precious money on these wrinkle fighting strategies which never works on certain skin. Wrinkles are a natural sign that your skin is aging but if the wrinkles appear in 30’s then you need to analyze on things you need to foresee which can be the main cause of skin aging.

10 Wrinkle Myths You Need to Know Today!!!

Wrinkle Myths Debunked

Expensive Cream Works Best:

We see an expensive cosmetic brand launching a cream that miraculously removes wrinkle in a week giving you flawless young skin. The next thing you do is get the same cream for yourself as you believe it will deliver same results on your skin. Wrong!!! Not always the most expensive cream works the same as they are shown. Most of these creams have a chemical base and damage your skin in the longer run. Always check if the cream is suitable for your skin. Best to get a dermatologist-tested cream as they won’t give any bad reactions on your skin.

Moisture Once a Day:

Many of us apply cream in a day as for us it’s enough to keep wrinkles at bay. Your skin gets dehydrated even in summers or rainy season. Always use a water base lotion or cream that gets easily absorb on skin. Remember to apply a good night cream in the night as they tend to repair skin by hydrating the deep layers. This won’t stop the appearance of wrinkle but can definitely delay them.

Not Using Sunscreen:

The worst damage our skin can get is due to the exposure in the harsh sun. When we go out without applying sunscreen, the harsh UV rays burns our skin making it appear dull and pigmented. Be wise to use sunscreen every day on your arms and face to protect your skin in the sun. Also, sunscreen should be applied in every 3 hours as the effects get washed off in the water.

Drinking Water Removes Wrinkle:

There is no denying to the fact that water is very beneficial to our body, keep the skin hydrated and elastic for a long time. But, drinking loads of water won’t prevent the appearance of wrinkle. The appearance of wrinkle with passing time is normal as it’s associated with aging process.

Skin Pulling Cause Wrinkle:

There are people who will admonish you for pulling the skin around the face as it causes wrinkles. This is a myth as there is no way you can get wrinkly by just pulling your skin. Our skin cells are a lot more resistant and elastic, so even if you pull your skin for a brief period, it won’t cause wrinkles on the skin.

Facial Exercise Prevent Wrinkle:

Exercising on regular basis can burn fat and make you feel fresh. But this concept doesn’t exactly work on your face. With age, our skin loses the elasticity around toned muscles, a natural stage when wrinkles appear on face.

Wrinkle Develop on Dry skin:

Even though your skin is very dry, it’s very unlikely that wrinkles will sprout overnight on your skin. Wrinkles stand out more on dry skin. The best way to get rid of this problem is to hydrate your skin with a good moisturizer that lasts longer on the skin making it look soft. You can get a youthful look by applying a good cream on skin rather than going for an anti-aging cream.

Omega-3 Foods for Anti-Aging:

There are many health benefits we can state here for eating rich Omega-3 food but it’s a myth that such food can prevent wrinkles. Eat nutritious food to be healthy and not because someone say that it will make your skin younger.

Avoid Sun to Look Young:

Do you know that avoiding sun completely can make give you Vitamin D deficiency? Your skin gets damage if you expose your body under harsh UV rays. It’s best to use a good sunscreen from time to time rather than avoiding sun completely.

Tan Beds won’t give Wrinkle:

Tanning Beds can damage your skin as bad as you going under the sun. In fact, they are far worse as you get pummeled with UV rays which cause the skin to age prematurely. So, next time when you want to tan your skin, do it naturally rather than baking your skin on Tanning Beds.

Hope, with this article we have cleared some of the major misconceptions related to wrinkles. It’s natural to age but with good habits, you can age gracefully. Stay healthy be eating good food, regular exercise and using creams that are dermatologist tested and natural.

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