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Build Endurance And Run Longer

Running or jogging is one of the best forms of exercises as well as the simplest form of exercise regime out there. All you need is to get into your sneakers and start running. As simple as it sounds, many newbie runners don’t adapt well with this exercise long enough.

The main reason is the lack of endurance to keep running for a long time. After a few minutes of running, a newbie runner will start breathing heavily and the legs would be on fire begging to stop. Well, one simple advice for those who are trying this exercise for the first. Don’t expect to run five miles or even a mile for that matter at the first attempt.

Your body is not used to such extreme workout and it takes some time to build such an endurance level that would adapt your body to run longer and faster without feeling exhausted.

So, the next question is how to build that endurance level to run those five miles or more without losing a breath.

Build Endurance And Run Longer

Well, you must have seen athletes running marathons as well sprints at competitive tournaments. They are not Gods or aliens from a different planet but humans like us all. And, if they can do it, anybody can do it. All it takes is patience, persistence, and practice.

Five Ways to Build Your Endurance to Run Longer:

Form is Important:

Checking your form, while running is important. A correct form can eliminate any sort of injury or pains that can halt the running regime for a while. A good form is not difficult to achieve as running form is as simple as standing straight. Remember to keep your head high, back straight and the legs aligned to the torso.

Don’t crouch your body or lean back farther while you are running. Remember, an excellent form is a must to help you keep running for a longer period of time without the scope of injuries, pains or aches.

The More You Run The Faster The Body Adapts:

There’s a famous saying, “Practice Makes Perfect”. In short, the more your practice something, the better you get at it. It’s a success formula that applies to almost everything. So, you need to accept running as a lifestyle into your life to build the endurance level to run longer.

Running two times a week is not enough to make it work for your body. Instead of running beyond your capacity and getting exhausted within a day or two, try running shorter distances and continue with the same regime for a week. Instead of two times a week, run at least five times a week. You will be amazed by the fact that the regime that felt unachievable on the first day now seems easier by the fifth day. Start with 1- or 2-mile workouts and gradually increase week after week and see the difference.

Follow the 10-Percent Rule:

Well, it’s not some government law or rule, but something developed by fitness experts worldwide. Our body is designed to adapt to the extremes it goes through day after day. The body that felt exhausted on the 1st day of your running regime has now well adapted with your regular running.

But, we must push it further in order to build the endurance level. Instead of raising the bar to a maximum, try to go slow by following the 10-percent rule. In short, you mustn’t increase your weekly mileage by more than 10 percent from the previous week. This 10% spike is considered ideal for the body to adapt without causing any kind of injury to the body, yet raising the bar week after week.

Sprinting Builds The Muscle Strength to Go Longer:

Well, running longer can help your build a steady endurance level. However, it doesn’t mean that you must follow the same regime of running slow but longer distance. The body needs to go into the fatigue state as well as to an extreme level to get adapted to the higher resistance level. Such extreme levels help in strengthening the different muscle groups that are active while running, especially the muscle groups on your legs.

Hence, it is important to add small sprints every now and then during your daily running regime. For the starters, you can begin with a few 10-second sprint intervals after a few minutes of running. You can gradually increase the interval from 10-second to 30-seconds to strengthen your muscles and help your body go longer without any sort of exhaustion.

Choose a Difficult Terrain:

Well, sprinting can build the core strength of your body, sometimes the overall regime may also seem boring to many. Running a set distance for a long time with occasional sprints in between can make the overall schedule less exciting with time.

To make the whole workout session exciting and more fruitful, try to run up hills. It wouldn’t just add a new terrain for you to explore but also build the leg and core strength in addition to the lung endurance. In case, if you are running indoors on a treadmill, then you can do the same by running on an inclined level. However, I suggest finding some natural hills around your city to embrace the nature. Call some of your friends to join you while you are on this whole new experience. It may be exhausting at first, but it will be satisfying when you reach the top of the hill.

Over to you!

That’s it. Follow these five important rules while you add running into your fitness regime. Remember, strength is important but without the endurance, it’s worthless as you will be exhausted faster and all your strength won’t help recover it.

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